WiSilica’s smart environment end-to-end IoT platform is specifically
designed to simplify the challenges with today’s Internet of Things.

A Single Intelligent System To Manage It All

WiSilica’s platform is the smartest, most flexible way to converge infrastructure with a world of sensors, devices and people across places of scale. It's a true smart environment where customers can connect energy, public infrastructure and healthcare with intelligent devices managed by mobile apps and the cloud.

Reduce Risk and Time to Market

Real Time Presence and Awareness

Scalable and Secure Connectivity

Big Data

Cost Saving
Customer Experiences

Complete Smart Environment Platform

WiSilica smart environment software fabric enables millions of devices to connect easily to the Internet of Things by using the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols along with mesh technology to work autonomously without bridges or connectivity to cloud.

Predictive Intelligence

Operations based on timers and sensor generated events.

Behaviors and Contextual Elements

Set devices to act on events from other devices.

Decentralized Control

Enables applications that don't require remote control without having a bridge. Phones communicate directly to devices.


Location and proximity based services for both indoors and outdoors.

WiSe Connect IoT Platform

WiSilica IoT solution is an open platform that bridges objects, locations and people. WiSilica believes that devices themselves need to “understand the human,” what we call a smart environment enabled by the Internet of Things.

By proactively working end-to-end, from concept to design, through configuration and deployment, we can help reduce cost, time to market, and ensure smart environments are fully-integrated with partner needs and technologies, past, present and future.