Smart Lighting


Smart Buildings


Whether your needs are tracking people and assets, gathering and analyzing sensor data, or controlling smart devices, WiSilica delivers brilliant end-to-end solutions that go beyond your imagination. Our solutions aren’t theoretical; we address real problems in a variety of industries from healthcare to logistics to smart cities.

What good is an IoT platform if it doesn’t launch you?


An IoT platform should be more than just a staging area, it should be your launchpad. If it doesn’t propel you to the next level, it’s a purpose clearly missed.


Having an end-to-end IoT platform sounds impressive, but unless it serves all your requirements right, why commit your precious resources for nothing?


Our Location Aware IoT platform (TM) serves the perfectly right solution for your IoT needs. We created this platform, complete, secure and future-proof, so that you get the highest value for every precious minute and penny spent.

System Optimization from Devices to the Cloud


End-to-end means more than just a collection of devices, communications protocols, application software, and cloud analytics.  It means being able to holistically optimize performance, security, and cost for your specific needs.


Do you want to track something or someone?


Are you deploying a sensor network to gather and act upon real time data?


Would you like to use that data to control smart lights or equipment to create a better user experience? To conserve energy? To prevent equipment failure?


Would you ideally like to have one platform that can do all that and be future proof as your needs and imagination evolve?


Now you have it…


We’re very (very) good at what we do, but we’re not experts in everything. You know your business better than we ever will, that’s why we don’t pretend to know it all, and why we join forces with companies like yours to create something greater than the sum of the parts.

About Us

We are the brainy yet cool guys and girls that you always knew would change the world some day. A few of us grew up designing hardware in our sleep and becoming software gurus in the basement, some of us learned to be savvy business and communications experts, most of us became serial entrepreneurs, but all of us looked around and said the world has real business problems that can be solved with technology. So, we joined forces to help you solve yours.


Let’s build something revolutionary together.


Our team has experience deploying multi-lingual solutions around the globe, so wherever you are in the world, we have you covered.