Not surprisingly, the WiSilica platform provides ultra secure connectivity, control, management, and data gathering from bottom to top. What is surprising is how quickly and cost effectively we, along with device manufacturers, integrators, and installers, can deliver custom solutions using our comprehensive device, application, cloud, and hardware toolset.



Security is built in from the initial stages by burning device identification and device security key during manufacturing, resulting in a tamper-proof architecture that protects against the 3Rs – unauthorized reading, repeating, and replacing communication.

Mesh Network

Our innovative mesh network with proprietary leader-node architecture solves the typical Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) range and throughput issues. Devices can be directly associated with sensors and other devices to work autonomously without bridges or connectivity to cloud, providing for a hugely scalable and flexible deployment.


Since devices can easily be configured as beacons, this makes it possible for many types of user proximity and real-time location based services (RTLS).


Automatic device authentication allows direct BLE connectivity between any combination of device-to-device, sensor to device and mobile app to device.

Future Proof

Over the Air (OTA) upgrades not only enable you to easily keep devices secure with the latest updates without having to physically access every device, but also allows for the addition of new functionalities as they become available, keeping your investment relevant long-term.


Remote Monitoring

Storing device status and data securely in the WiSilica Cloud gives you the ability to perform remote monitoring, configuration and operations from anywhere, anytime.


Real-time indoor and outdoor location awareness provides the ability to create applications with a personalized user experience, such as live indoor navigation, dynamic temperature control, or contextual promotions.


All data, policies and settings are encrypted and portable, providing an easy and secure way to manage activity across multiple devices with or without cloud connectivity.

Device Connectivity

Sophisticated automatic authentication enables effortless direct BLE connectivity to any device from a BLE supported mobile device. The mesh network architecture enables all nodes in a network to be reachable even if outside direct range of the mobile device.



The ability to integrate solutions with the WiSilica cloud, moved to a desired enterprise cloud, or deployed on premise, provides the capability to quickly develop highly scalable cloud/server applications to manage millions of devices, bridges and mobile devices. In addition, the cloud can be partitioned globally and can support multi tenancy.


Device operations and maintenance are pushed through services such as Android Google Notification Services and iOS APNS.

Open Platform

The WiSilica Cloud SDK includes an open API for developers and system integrators to provide extendable value added services.


Data from individual nodes is constantly gathered and processed to provide the foundation for better real-world business decisions and solutions. Default dashboards are included; customized dashboards as well as accessing data to feed in-house reporting systems are made easy with the SDK.

Dynamic Operations

All operations can be triggered based on time schedules and events.


Multilevel user policy settings are managed at the cloud for complete enterprise level authentication and access control, including single sign-on. Policies and application features can be associated with roles and configured to require additional authentication.



BLE and WiFi gateways are compact and lightweight, providing internet connectivity to the Wisilica mesh network. Multiple gateways can be seamlessly integrated with any enterprise WLAN.


Listeners can be easily positioned at various points throughout a facility to add wireless listening for BLE mesh enabled tags.  BLE listeners and repeaters also extend coverage and increase overall performance of the network.


Temperature, pressure, humidity, motion, and virtually any other type of sensor are supported to provide the ultimate flexibility to monitor and control your environment.


BLE mesh enabled asset tags are small, long-life coin cell powered devices that can be easily applied throughout various environments to monitor and track any mobile asset in real time. Form factors include bracelets, personnel tags, adhesive tags, or any custom designed enclosure.