Lead Embedded Developers

Location: WiSilica Cochin Development Center

Job Description

In this position, the candidate will interface with the architect for understanding the design and lead the development efforts from a few engineers (4 -5) in performance critical embedded applications / modules of the platform firmware libraries for multiple cores/architectures. He/she will also lead the optimisation of the design/implementations to meet performance requirements such as low memory footprint, speed etc. He/she will have to mentor juniors, do proper task split up among the team members and sometimes take up critical modules on his own. The candidate will lead quick prototyping and proof of concepts projects with new architectures/specifications. The successful candidate will have to be adaptable to multiple embedded platforms and real time / Linux operating systems.

Skills and Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of experience and expertise in C/C++ based embedded software/firmware development.
  • Expertise in multiple embedded platforms such as ARM, MIPS etc.
  • Expertise of technologies/standards such as USB, GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, NAND, EEPROM etc.
  • Experience in major embedded development IDEs.
  • Expertise in debugging using JTAG, Oscilloscope etc.
  • Expertise in understanding circuit schematics.
  • Working experience in Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Embedded Linux and or any RTOS experience is highly desirable.
  • Strong computer science basics including OS, Networking and C++ based Object Oriented skills are highly desirable.
  • Candidate should be able to start projects from init specs/product document(s).
  • Working experience in Wireless application development is desirable.
  • Object oriented C++ development and design experience is desirable.
  • Experience in leading small teams is desirable.

Relevant experience:

5+ years