Smart Home

Commercial lighting and energy management IoT is fueled by major global trends of energy and resource scarcity, addressing climate change, and the overall quest for cost-savings. In many cities, new building construction as well as renovation projects requires the installation of smart and energy efficient lighting solutions. These requirements help drive the demand for solutions such as WiSilica’s.

Smart Facilities

The smart facilities segment encompasses smart homes and smart buildings, as well as applications in the retail sector where the use of WiSilica's technology for managed beacons and RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) are starting to generate traction. These are high growth markets and with WiSilica introducing new and unique features specific to each of these markets, exponential growth is expected. It is expected that a major player will deploy a proprietary beacon solution with in the next 12 months, further fueling the interest and demand in similar beacon solutions, usable by other competing companies.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting controls help consumers manage their lighting and minimize unnecessary power consumption. WiSilica makes it easy to connect any smart lighting to each other and controlled via an IoT gateway. Smart lighting control solutions from homes to buildings and parking lots, hospitals, factories and more bring a totally different perspective, integrating the existing lighting infrastructure with the newest communication, hardware and software developments and providing major benefits, including energy savings, smart lighting can provide beacon functionality that enables location and proximity based services and by connecting smart sensors you can monitor the Internet of Everything, such as, allergy detection, temperature, humidity, motion, ambient light, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Smart Locations

Beacons are expected to be a significant product segment ramping up later this year, and driven by the expected release of an Apple based beacon solution. Today we see opportunities for retail, education, museums, and parking to name a few. With the ability to establish and maintain a direct connection to the client, beacons stand to be a key product family that will enable retailers to completely overhaul their big box stores and move to a much more agile form of sales and customer interaction.

Smart Sensing

Environmental sensing is a new and fast growing IoT market related to precision commercial farming and water-conservation. Air quality, road conditions, and available parking spaces are just a few other applications where linking sensor data to a service will drive increased demand. Environmental sensing can take on many different forms, but one area of interest is the farming industry, where having key information from the vast acres of crops planted is critical to enhance yields and flag possible issues with crops, irrigation and pests. Sensors placed in fields, and connected using the WiSe mesh solution relay sensor information that can compare moisture levels, irrigation data, rainfall, wind, and temperature data to ensure the proper amount of water.