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Large scale productions often require the support of outsourced experts. We work behind-the-scenes to push forward and support massive efforts with some of the biggest and most renowned companies in the world, creatively incorporating our technology to develop joint solutions that impact countless people across the globe.


And sometimes we pull.


Not all of our partners are giants. We have the experience and expertise to help guide companies of every size through the process of imagining what is possible, formulating a solution, and finally realizing their smart environment vision.

Client Partner Highlights


CMS New Zealand


When one of the major hospital networks in New Zealand was faced with finding a better way to handle the tracking of newborns within their system, Complete Medical Solutions (CMS) teamed up with Wisilica to create a unique and robust real-time location monitoring solution for infants.


Working with PDC Brady to create a user-friendly and cost-conscious form factor, Wisilica and CMS have introduced a unique way for the hospital network to not only verify the location of every newborn, but to ensure that only authorized personnel and family members are allowed access and transport.


With a smart tag comfortably wrapped around a child’s limb and a mesh network of sensors and receivers/transmitters strategically placed throughout the facility, should an infant experience any breach of either expected location or accompanying adult, alerts are sent immediately to staff and appropriate lock-down or intercept procedures are initiated. If someone tries to cut off the tag, alarms are sounded immediately to alert of possible danger.


Not only does the system track where an infant is within the main hospital premises, but the Wisilica solution has been configured to take into account that oftentimes mothers are sent to satellite facilities to recover or for overflow purposes. A network of distant location facilities has been configured in the cloud to accommodate for such instances, and immediately recognizes when a child is being transported from one location to another, never losing track of where and with whom the child is.


Newborn tracking within this New Zealand hospital is only the beginning. With the Wisilica mesh network in place, it is possible to incorporate general patient tracking and more efficient visitor management. And as the idea light bulbs go off with regards to what is achievable for this hospital network, Wisilica is providing the foundation to make it happen.


Plus Light Tech India


Lighting is incredibly powerful, capable of much more than simply illuminating our environment. Plus Light Tech is at the forefront of lighting technology and its application in business and commerce, going beyond simple energy conservation and management. That is why it has partnered with Wisilica to create the next breakthrough in real-world lighting.


Plus Light Tech is one of the major suppliers to retail and commercial spaces in the world. It understands that its customers are looking for competitive advantages and operational gains in increasingly sophisticated ways, including lighting’s power to influence behavior and enhance user experiences.


What if you could control the temperature of light based on who is there? Based on the quality and quantity of light coming in through the windows? Based on the time and day of the week? What if you could tailor the color and intensity of lighting to be the best mood enhancer at any given time? How much more productivity would you get? How much less turnover would you experience? How many more sales would you generate?


These are the questions that Plus Light Tech is asking on behalf of its customers. And the answers are bubbling to the surface with Wisilica. By incorporating Bluetooth enabled sensors and dual band controls in its lights, Plus Light Tech customers have the ability to tap into the power of smart lighting. And should they choose to take the next step of optimizing their business environment by tracking asset usage and movement or analyzing foot traffic patterns, Wisilica’s real time location system (RTLS) is already built in and simply needs to be enabled and configured to begin capturing and pushing data through a Wisilica network bridge into the cloud.


Enabling partners like Plus Light Tech to deliver the products that its customers are looking for is just one more way that Wisilica is pioneering smart environment solutions up and down the value chain.


ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems


Advanced Conservation Technology, Inc. (ACT) manufactures commercial and residential hot water recirculation systems that deliver hot water on demand, reducing water waste and conserving energy in the process. The system works by pumping the cold water sitting in the hot water plumbing back to the water heater via the cold water or a dedicated return line, while simultaneously bringing hot water to all fixtures in the line in a matter of seconds.


Traditionally, hot water recirculating systems have relied on a timer or a switch to initiate the flow of water, which results in an inefficient or cumbersome system. ACT saw an opportunity to be smarter about how to bring hot water to the tap by working with Wisilica to create a demand-based solution to activate the pumps.


Using motion and temperature sensors that communicate via Bluetooth with a custom pump control module, Wisilica has developed a system that anticipates when a faucet is going to be turned on to create a highly efficient yet seamless user experience. This eliminates the wasted energy of running the pump when it is not needed, and also minimizes the natural gas or electricity used to heat the water.


Beyond providing instant hot water and conserving natural resources, by using outdoor temperature sensors, the smart recirculation system can be configured to automatically initiate hot water flow through the pipes when freezing temperatures threaten damaged or broken pipes. This is especially beneficial when dealing with buildings that are only occasionally occupied during the winter, such as a second home or vacation cabin.


Conserving precious resources, preventing cold-weather damage, and providing a better hot-water user experience are just some of the ways working with Wisilica helps make the world a better place to live.


Aurotek Shutters


Weather has always been and always will be unpredictable. For many, a change in the weather has minimal impact and means nothing more than putting on a windbreaker. But for some parts of the world, weather can be a frighteningly destructive force.


Based in Taiwan, Aurotek makes commercial building window shutters for markets that experience typhoon caliber winds. These heavy-duty metal shutters with motorized action make them ideal for hi-rise office and residential applications. However, no matter how strong the shutter, if operation requires human interaction, it is possible to not close them in time to prevent damage in the case of sudden storms or absent tenants.


That’s why Wisilica was brought into the picture. Utilizing Bluetooth enabled pressure sensors, Aurotek shutters powered by Wisilica respond to high winds by closing themselves automatically. Since Wisilica’s solutions are connected to the cloud, owners/tenants can be notified of the shutters being deployed, or they can control the shutters manually from their smart device as desired.


Beyond protecting the property, by incorporating light sensors and customized schedules, shutters could be configured to automatically adjust the opening angle incrementally throughout the day to let in the desired amount of light at all times, helping to make the property not only safer, but more comfortable as well.


Having received numerous “Symbol of Excellence” awards, it is clear that working with Wisilica has helped make Aurotek a leader in its field.

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