Fit-to-purpose devices and
ready-to-integrate modules for

End-to-end IoT Implementation


Compact BLE and WiFi gateways from WiSilica ensure seamless cloud connectivity besides supporting enterprise WLAN. They are available in different form factors and capabilities


WiSilica mesh-connected listeners, with extended coverage, are designed to receive or collect packet data emitted by tags and other tracking devices. These data are used to send on-time alerts whenever necessary


WiSilica tags are right-sized devices that emit beacon data at regular intervals of time. The battery powered tags, play the key role in enabling real-time location services. WiSilica primarily offers customizable patient tags and multipurpose tags to meet our user’s specific requirements


WiSilica controllers enable you with sensor-associated and user-triggered controlling of wirelessly connected devices. Users can initiate the control via voice, mobile, and web applications. These devices enable power measurement and real-time device status updates. Controllers also form the foundation for integrated tracking solutions


WiSilica's constant current and constant voltage drivers help you achieve optimum LED performance besides enabling wireless controls. These sensor-ready drivers can easily connect to third party sensors through wires or wirelessly

Sensors & Switches

WiSilica's sensors and switches enable easy controlling of connected devices and provide real-time occupancy data. They are either battery-powered or self-powered to perfectly fit into business use cases or user requirements

Sensors & Controls

Our sensor and control devices integrate motion and ambient light sensing along with device control capabilities to trigger user-defined actions. These devices enable you to automate IoT environments and employ remote controlling


Our modules enable devices to be IoT ready with intelligent capabilities and wireless connectivity. WiSilica modules allow ultra-low-power connectivity and basic data transfer for applications previously limited by power consumption, size constraints, and complexity of other wireless standards

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