WiSilica Lighting Solution


As an integral component of building design, powered lighting is ideal to deploy the unobtrusive network of sensors and transmitters that form the backbone of Wisilica’s smart environment solutions.


Much more than just a smart light


  • Integrated RTLS provides the ability to track assets and people more cost effectively than typical tracking solutions. Utilizing advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) architecture provides efficient performance at low cost.
  • Over the air firmware updates ensure future-proof security and functionality without the need to physically access every installation. Additionally, 128-bit encrypted communication with device ID and security keys burned during manufacturing provides trusted security and isolated access.
  • Component size has been minimized for inconspicuous installation and adaptability to virtually any light fixture, including retrofit kits.


Robust feature set


  • Built-in occupancy, ambient light, temperature, and humidity sensors enable highly customizable and controllable environments, and integrated dual channel 0-10V dimmer allows for infinite blending of cool and warm light to create tuned human-centric lighting effects.
  • Importable building floor plans with automatic component authentication makes system configuration simple with no special training.
  • Either cloud or direct Bluetooth communication with a smart phone/tablet provides flexible installation and control options, and multi-level grouping provides simplified system management and control across large enterprises settings.
  • Time-lapse occupancy heat maps provide insight to traffic and use patterns.


OEM and technology partner-friendly


  • “White label” components and interfaces are available for rebranding purposes, and the WiSilica SDK includes an open API for developers to create customized applications, reporting, dashboards, etc.
  • Ability to communicate with 3rd party smart building management components, including BAC Net compatible solutions, creates greater synergies; compliance with OpenADR 2.0 standard allows for seamless communication and control with utility companies that have automated demand response incentives.



Healthcare organizations globally are seeking to improve patient safety, performance metrics, operational efficiencies, and to reduce costs while complying with regulatory requirements and guidelines. WiSilica is at the forefront of this movement.


There have been many instances of real-time location systems (RTLS) deployed in recent years to provide basic asset, patient, and personnel tracking. WiSilica has now brought to market the next generation of RTLS that reduces the cost and complexity traditionally associated with such solutions. This has opened up amazing possibilities, addressing new applications while also opening networks to 3rd party devices.


WiSilica’s healthcare solutions are built using a heterogeneous wireless RTLS platform with a complete set of all required components for easy deployment.


Here are just some of the ways the platform has been deployed:


  • Temperature management for perishable treatments
  • Equipment monitoring to reduce theft and decrease time to locate movable assets
  • Hand hygiene personnel verification
  • Patient check-in and location workflow
  • Facility space management and traffic flow
  • Wearable vital health monitors
  • Security for infants, patients, care team, and visitors
  • Patient and care team interaction verification

Smart Buildings


Smart environments use a variety of specialized tools and sensors, such as IoT enabled light fixtures and parking sensors, to create intelligent spaces that are more efficient, more automated, and more programmable. Up until now, smart-environment solutions have been hard to deploy. Often the technology interfaces have been too complicated, and things didn’t work together quite as seamlessly as expected. That’s where WiSilica comes in.


There is a need for simplicity and convenience in smart-environment applications. WiSilica has made it a priority to make it easier to connect, monitor, and control IoT devices in any environment. What does that mean to you?


WiSilica lets you connect devices with differing communications technologies, so you can initiate a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi transaction depending on the application and device. The ability to join a network without having to enter settings or complex passcode, or add a new light fixture to your network without keying in a product ID or serial number makes it possible to deploy large scale solutions easily. This is especially helpful when working with IoT devices that don’t have a user interface, such as light bulbs, sensors, small appliances, electrical outlets, etc.


WiSilica makes it easy to deploy your solution, log data, and maintain your network. In many cases, your tablet or smartphone becomes the user interface for the smart network, making it possible to interact with IoT devices from anywhere, anytime. Use your tablet to review your water meter, to monitor electricity usage, or run diagnostics on your Internet-connected appliance, enabling you to resolve or escalate issues immediately.


With fine control over settings and access privileges, there’s a high degree of flexibility and a higher degree of security. You can set parking garage lighting to illuminate based on an elevator button being pressed, or program preferred settings for temperature in public spaces based on access gates being activated, or automatically disable an alarm based on a vehicle tag. The possibilities are endless.



The ability to track assets and people in real time opens up a world of possibilities. Companies stand to gain or lose millions of dollars depending on how they utilize the power of real time location services (RTLS) to resolve their logistics challenges.


Whether it is tracking down an expensive mobile asset within a facility, identifying delay patterns in shipments and notifying management of potential red-flags, helping customers navigate store aisles more efficiently, or speeding up transactions with predictive behavior, there are countless ways that deploying WiSilica’s mesh network can improve your bottom line.