WiSilica controllers enable you with sensor-associated and user-triggered controlling of wirelessly connected devices. These devices facilitate power measurement and real-time device status updates. You can initiate control via voice, mobile, and web applications.

Controllers also form the foundation for integrated tracking solutions.

Radiar D10

0-10V DC Wireless Controller

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Radiar AD4

0-10V/DALI Wireless controller

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Take a look into our motion and light sensor which comes with the industry's smallest form factor, making it a perfect fit for all space scenarios. This sensor intelligently detect and respond to human presence and light. You can use them to operate luminaires, thus SAVING MORE ENERGY

Cyrus C

Low Bay Fixture Mount Motion & Light sensor

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Controller and Sensor

Take a look into our versatile device uniquely blending motion and ambient light together with dual channel dimming. This compact in-fixture controller and sensor has a 12-24 V DC input voltage range, comes with the industry's smallest form factor, making it a perfect fit for all space scenarios.

Radiar SD10

O-10V Dual Channel Dimming Sensor

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WiSilica's switches allow you to control connected devices easily. They are either self-powered or battery-powered. These switches perfectly fit for a wide range of use cases.

Catron IV

Self-powered Wireless Switch

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Catron V

Wireless 5 Button Remote

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WiSilica offers Compact Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi Gateway (also called as Bridge) to ensure seamless cloud connectivity. With the network connected to cloud, you can track crucial performance metrics, including energy consumption.

Enor E

USB Gateway

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WiSilica offers modules that make LED drivers and luminaires IoT ready. The modules, with intelligent capabilities and wireless connectivity, ensure ultra-low-power connectivity for primary data transfer. Applications limited by power consumption, size constraints, and the complexity of other wireless standards can make use of the modules to overcome the shortcomings.

WIM1230 O/E

Bluetooth-ready System-on-chip

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Easy-to-use applications and interfaces for
Seamless user experience

Web Applications

LUMOS CONTROLS offers web-based interfaces that allow you to control and monitor the entire lighting control system.
The app provides quick access to analytical reports, including device usage, occupancy statistics, and energy-usage comparison.

Mobile Applications

LUMOS CONTROLS offers an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies controlling, configuring, and commissioning

You can add lighting devices to the network, control individual/groups of lights/ apply specific themes, schedule device operations, backup, and scene settings.

Supported On

Voice Interfaces

LUMOS CONTROLS is integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant


WiSilica’s SDKs and APIs enable seamless customization of solutions, and product modifications allowing you to leverage smart solutions. It allows you to add, reduce, or scale-up features thereby engage best-fit device combinations

Third Party Applications

LUMOS CONTROLS integrates with third-party applications like IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings