Wireless Lighting Control Solutions

Automate, control, and monitor your devices with Lumos Controls, WiSilica’s intelligent wireless control solutions. Developed on ARIXA-WiSilica’s intelligent Location Aware IoT Platform, the solution facilitates cost savings, human centricity, and smart controls

The Lumos Controls Solution

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Lumos Controls is compliant to various wireless and energy management protocols. It works with a wide range of devices to enable automated environments, give real-time alerts, and generate reports with actionable insights. It’s AI-Powered analytics further gives you the best-fit usage patterns and energy management workflows through easy-to-read dashboards and interfaces. Lumos Controls is operable through smartphones, tablets, web, and voice controls

Bluetooth Low Energy / ZigBee Protocol

WiFi / Ethernet


Utility rebates and building energy codes compliance

Human-centric lighting and energy savings with task tuning

Automation with schedules, sensor association, manual controls, and machine-learned inputs 

Compact and unobtrusive product designs to fit in all-space scenarios

AI-powered energy, sensor, and alert-based reports for actionable insights

Easy integration with BMS and third-party software or hardware

Industry-standard certifications and regulatory compliance

Smartphone integration for direct or remote device controls

Self-powered switches

Deployable Scenarios

Controller-Driver Integration

Easily Deployable Local Server based Solutions

IoT Module Driver Integration

Local Network Solutions

Quickly Deployable Cloud Based Solutions

Sensor-Light Integration

Sensor Integrated Controller Integration

Who Does It Benefit?

Lighting Installers

Electrical Contractors


Lighting Designers/Specifiers

Distributors- Sales Reps