WiSilica mesh-connected listeners are designed to collect packet data emitted by tags and other tracking devices. These listeners, also known as reader devices are known for extended coverage. These data are used to send on-time alerts whenever necessary.


Wireless Listener


WiSilica tags are right-sized devices that emit beacon data at regular intervals of time. The battery-powered tags play a crucial role in enabling real-time location services. These customizable and multipurpose tags can meet your specific requirements.


Asset Tag


Adult Tag


WiSilica offers Compact Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi Gateway (also called as Bridge) to ensure seamless cloud connectivity. It also supports enterprise WLAN. With the network connected to cloud, you can track crucial performance metrics, including energy consumption.


WiFi Gateway

Edge Appliance

The edge appliance augments the cloud server or functions as a computation engine for RTLS algorithms. They accurately locate tags and trigger rule-based actions.

TRAK Applications

Easy-to-use applications and interfaces for
Seamless user experience

Web Applications

TRAK offers web-based interfaces allowing you to track entities and get alerts.

Mobile Applications

TRAK offers an easy-to-use mobile app allowing you to track entities and get alerts.

Supported On


WiSilica’s SDKs and APIs enable seamless customization of solutions and product modifications allowing you to leverage smart solutions. It adds, reduces, or scale-up features to engage best-fit device combinations.

Third Party Applications

TRAK integrates with third party applications like IFTTT and Samsung Smartthings