Analytics Engine


Our descriptive analytics provides you insights to describe and aggregate incoming or collected IoT data

The analytics feature helps you aggregate or calculate basic statistics of ingested data points across sensors, devices, or a group of IoT devices. It further helps you make time-wise or day-wise calculations regarding energy usage across buildings, floors, zones and devices. It also helps you keep a watch on efficiency, occupancy, and space utilization


Predictive analytics helps you generate predictive models and usage patterns to better utilize energy, space, or devices

Using historical IoT data, we help you streamline operations to reduce costs, energy consumption, and downtimes besides optimizing efficiency. You can also estimate energy requirement under various scenarios, and more using our predictive analytics


Our prescriptive analytics helps you optimize business-critical operations across projects that you plan for the future

With our analytic system, you can also engage accurate decision making to improve energy utilization, reduce installation costs, better device or luminaire utilization, and planning IoT network size for new infrastructures

Arixa Layers

The Layers and Components that make up ARIXA and solutions it enables