Arixa - The world's first Location Aware IoT Platform

ARIXA, our unique location-aware IoT platform, lays the foundation to all our solutions that enable smart lighting, wireless device controls, real-time tracking, and customized IoT solutions. It intelligently unifies location, control, and sensing to offer you an adaptive, human-centric lighting experience and live tracking capabilities that also enable energy savings, space management, safety, and improved efficiency. ARIXA, designed to support IoT requirements of various industry sectors, also support developing customizable solutions to address our customer's scaling needs. The platform also integrates multiple solution capabilities to consolidate feature benefits that enable smart cities and intelligent spaces

Platform layers

Why Arixa ?

Easy Deployment across all layers

Our intelligent setup processes allow for quick and rapid deployment of the platform including devices, in your business or environment, no matter the scale of the installation

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Advanced Security

ensured at all layers

Authorization Framework, Virtual-private-cloud (VPC) based installations, and TLS certificates-based security protects server and clients from unauthorized access and malicious intrusions. A 128bit AES encryption and multi-layered keys eliminate readability, repeatability, and replaceability based vulnerabilities and attacks

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ARIXA’s ‘location awareness’ capabilities allow it to contextualize and deliver information and actions based on the location of its components



Update thousands of devices simultaneously in less than 2 hours with advertisement-based OTA mechanisms. Eliminate manual upgrades of individual devices to save significant time and capital. Avail connected mode OTA for individual devices



ARIXA has numerous algorithms, analytics engines, and rule engines that have been modularised to provide a solution that fits your needs

Other Features

Multi-communication protocol capability (Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, Ethernet, LoRa and NB-IoT)

Multi-interface support with mobile, web, and voice

Customizable and integration-ready web apps, mobile apps, APIs, and SDKs

Platform health monitoring and real-time diagnostic tools