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Simplest Lighting Controls Ever Made!

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Wireless lighting controls designed to simplify every stage of your journey. Easy to specify, quick to setup and simple to use!

Lumos Controls is a smart controls solution built on WiSilica's IoT platform - ARIXA. It brings together the most advanced lighting control devices, an easy-to-use lighting app, and a report and analytics suite to build an intelligent lighting network that's future-ready for smart enterprises.

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Lighting Control Devices

Make any smart lighting possibility a reality with our intelligent and industry-trusted lighting control devices.

Master Your Lighting Network With Ease

Commission and control your lighting network intuitively using our mobile application. You would be able to set up connected lighting features like groups, scenes with just a few clicks.

Know Your Building

Be in control of your building data with reports on energy consumption, occupancy patterns and device usage trends.

How Lumos Controls Works?

Lumos Controls ecosystem features controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, analytical dashboards, and more to set up basic to advanced smart controls. It is operable through smartphones, tablets, web, and voice controls.