Analog and Digital Lighting Control Systems- What you need to know

Smart lighting systems are changing the way lights behave. Today, luminaires are smart, intelligent, and controllable to make lights glow with user-preferred intensities and color. People prefer to set lights to suit their emotional state and improve the surrounding ambiance. Therefore, smart lighting control systems are now widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting setup of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. 

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How Bluetooth Mesh is Advancing the Implementation of Smart Building Technology

One key advantage of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) is the long battery life it gives to portable devices that are always-on, but still light-weight and miniature in form-factor, such as asset and personnel tags for Real Time Location Services (RTLS).

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Lighting with Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Occupancy-based lighting is driving energy efficiencies today, besides drastically improving convenience. Wired or wireless, it plays a key role in achieving cost effectiveness, especially, in locations that are intermittently used like stairwells, breakrooms, conference rooms, restrooms, etc. Additionally, with the rise of telecommuting, offices today are increasingly becoming intermittent paving path for more occupancy sensing technology-penetration. Read More