Human-centric Lighting is the Future

It isn’t a surprise if a luminaire glows only to illuminate a space. But it is a surprise if it light-up a space to make occupants feel comfortable, be it for working, reading, or sleeping. Human-centric lighting (HCL) is the future of lighting and is surprisingly transforming the way light behaves to boost people’s circadian rhythms. Unlike primitive lighting systems, HCL employs tunable bulbs, controllers, drivers, gateways, and app interfaces. 

HCL system features controllable light intensities with correlated color temperatures that promote people’s biological as well as emotional health. It emulates daylight to create environments that implement visual, emotional, and biological effects of light, which improves physiological and psychological wellbeing. This novel lighting approach is backed by scientific studies that conclude it has a profound influence on healing, productivity, and alertness.

Other studies also indicate that a robust dose of circadian-effective light help employees get better sleep at night and lower levels of depression and stress. Circadian rhythms are natural internal clock that regulate sleep-wake cycle in humans. In similar fashions, hotels employ HCL to deliver excellent customer experience that’s vital to their reputation. Based on these beneficial effects on user experience, HCL has become indispensable and is widely deployed in all types of facilities, including hospitals and offices.   

In hospitals, HCL drive optimum performance and health recovery outcomes to a great extent. For example, by supporting proper functioning of circadian rhythms, it significantly boosts patient and staff comfort. Circadian lighting regulates hormone production to make patients sleep peacefully in their rooms-a must for faster health recovery. Conversely, it makes healthcare professionals active by mimicking daylight in workspaces, day and night, thereby increasing alertness and productivity. This approach has thus significantly reduced professional errors and also slashed absentee rates in hospitals to a considerable measure.

Similarly, offices deploy HCL to emulate natural light and bring increased energy and motivation to the employees. With the help of smart controls, HCL systems facilitate the tuning of white light, adjusting intensity and color temperatures. Cool, white light with high intensity during the morning hours make the workplace energetic and livelier. Likewise, warm lights during evening hours have the same effect. By doing so, office management can ensure the maximum circadian effect and build employee feeling of alertness and vitality. Additionally, with HCL systems, independent areas can have different light settings to perfectly suit users’ need, which in turn boosts employee energy levels.

There’s more to add to HCL benefits. During winter seasons with little daylight, luminaires with tuneable white lights drastically reduce winter depression and disorders relative to seasonal effects. It makes people more pleasant and therefore, more productive. Like in offices, HCL systems can be installed in schools and universities for identical results.

Factories and warehouses too can benefit from HCL.

It can create a feeling of activeness inside large factories and warehouses. Thereby, employees feel more energetic in converse to the usual dullness associated with large facilities of commercial production and storage. This can boost labour productivity, a prime factor in deciding success in this industry.  All these are indications that lighting has direct impacts on visual acuity, performance, and convenience and is becoming a vital part of any construction. Enterprises who consider it as a fair new technology need to embrace it because HCL is the future of lighting and the benefits that follow do matter. It’s steadily evolving and is sure to become more streamlined in the days to come with additional features to meet scaling demands.

Human-centric lighting from WiSilica

WiSilica offers innovative lighting solutions including human-centric lighting that best-fit facilities across various industries. Hospitals, schools, offices, warehouses-whatever it is, we deploy the best lighting system through our proven solution LUMOS. WiSilica customers stand to gain multi-fold with LUMOS that provide automation, ambient lighting, energy efficiency, actionable insights, and reports. The solution automates light to simulate daylight which contributes immensely towards daylight harvesting and boosting circadian rhythms of employees, healthcare professionals, students, and anyone involved.