Redefining Workspaces

The future workspaces are sure to look different from today’s, and so are their functioning. Today, it’s quite natural to make workspaces more employee-friendly and comfortable with smart devices. Seamless asset retrieval, information updates, space management, remote management capabilities, real-time data, actionable insights, easy-to-read reports, energy efficiency, etc. are all part of prime considerations in creating modern workspaces. IoT and its vast applications have been catering towards these causes and have brought-in various benefits across industry verticals.

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Human-centric Lighting is the Future

It isn’t a surprise if a luminaire glows only to illuminate a space. But it is a surprise if it light-up a space to make occupants feel comfortable, be it for working, reading, or sleeping. Human-centric lighting (HCL) is the future of lighting and is surprisingly transforming the way light behaves to boost people’s circadian rhythms. Unlike primitive lighting systems, HCL employs tunable bulbs, controllers, drivers, gateways, and app interfaces. 

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Healthcare IoT is Here to Stay

Healthcare industry is always on the foray for cutting-edge technologies to meet scaling demands, both, on the administrative side and the patient side. There’s a paradigm shift in what the admins look for and the patients require today. Automated hospital rooms, in-patient security, energy efficiency, hygiene compliances, real-time location details, live device tracking, and many more are all on the list of what they seek for. Read More