Smart Lighting scenes- what you should know?

Scene is one of the basic features of Smart Lighting. It’s not that lights can be switched ON/OFF or dimmed, but can also be programmed to suit your lighting requirements, activities or schedules. Scene control allows you to light up an area based on the occupancy detection, daylight availability or schedules.

Lighting scenes work when light devices are integrated into a control system, allowing us to operate multiple lights across various spaces with simple commands to make a perfect ambiance of your choice. The same light devices can also be used in other lighting scenes. Scene settings allow you to turn ON/OFF, change intensity, color temperature, and color controls of light devices.

Scenes simplify your routine by allowing you to configure multiple light settings with a one-button command or activating lights based on preset schedules or responses received to the installed sensors. Scene schedules are set for the devices associated with the scene for a specific time and period. Tap on your tablets or smartphones can invoke a lighting scene across multiple locations. Scene control is also possible using voice control interfaces like Alexa or Google Home.

Lighting scenes work in various patterns in the meeting rooms, workspaces, pantry, reception, and parking area based on your needs and comfort. Users can combine lighting scenes with temperature settings or security systems.

Smart Scenes with WiSilica LUMOS
Fig 1: Setting scenes in an office

How lighting scene works

Setting up a scene will allow controlling the light devices that are added to the scene. Users can set the color, intensity and color temperature of the light devices in the scene. Invoking the scene will enable light devices to behave as per the scene settings. The user has the provision to schedule the scenes for light devices associated with it, for set times.

Benefits of Scene Management

Activates light only when required: Light schedules can be created to suit your working hours, shifts or for short periods. Schedule the lights to turn ON, dim, or OFF at a specific time only when required which also saves energy. Effective utilization of the luminaires can save money and increase the life span of the device.

Adjusts the light based on daylight: Illuminate the room with an appropriate scene based on the availability of the natural light. Scene rules are created, to detect light received in the room using light sensors which in turn can activate the scenes based on the intensity of the light received.

Increases security: We can identify unexpected motion detected at night with the help of scenes. During night time, motion rules created detect motion and trigger a scene for a specified time, after which another scene can be configured. If burglars enter the office, lights turn ON, which helps the security to take necessary action.

Creates proper ambiance: Lighting scenes can address different requirements such as presentations, business meetings, or farewell meetings.

Individual control: Employees can choose different light recipes to suit their tasks that play a key role in improving performance.

Controls light with your voice: You can activate scenes using Alexa or Google Home voice controls.

Boosts the energy levels: You can set the scenes that can regulate your circadian rhythm, which boosts your energy levels based on the time. The light devices light up in certain intensity and CCT for a time interval, which boosts the circadian rhythm of the employee, thereby increasing productivity.

With a long list of improved user experience and lighting controls, the idea of setting up lighting solutions with features to set-up scenes are increasingly gaining momentum. It’s a new world of lighting, with a different approach to manage them. Thus, enterprises who wish to stand on the winning edge need to embrace lighting technologies that come in different forms and features to suit everyone in need.

WiSilica offers innovative lighting solutions for enterprises across industries. ARIXA, the world’s first location-aware IoT platform powers LUMOS – our Intelligent Wireless Control Solutions to enhance user experience, increase lighting comforts, and improve energy efficiency. ARIXA’s “one-platform fits all” approach perfectly integrates into any customer’s ecosystem with seamless interoperability. WiSilica control devices and sensors enable scene automation of light devices in offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, etc. Automating lights also contribute towards daylight harvesting and boosting circadian rhythms to enhance better quality of life. Our platform also supports in developing customizable solutions to address our customer’s scaling needs.

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